Servicing and Maintenance

Our Services

Do you need your fire system repaired or maintained? We offer one off repairs and AS1851 Inspections and Testing to schedule, cost effective and preventative maintenance.

We maintain and repair all essential fire safety assets and equipment including fire extinguishers, fire alarms, fire sprinklers, fire hose reels, smoke alarms, fire pumps and more.

Why is Servicing and Maintenance Important?

  • Minimise risk should an emergency arise
  • Peace of mind
  • Track your maintenance history

What is involved in servicing a fire system?

A typical service will include;

  • To test the function of each piece of detection, warning and suppression items
  • Check for any damage, obstructions and/or contamination
  • Check the accuracy of the evacuation plan
  • Test the cause-and-effect automated actions (i.e. automatic shut-offs)
  • The periodical disassembly and replacements of components (dependent on the guidelines of the manufacturer)
  • A review of the false alarms to diagnose the cause, and take action where appropriate.

How often does a fire system need to be serviced?

Your service schedule is dependent on your fire system. Both the Australian Standards (AS1851) and the manufacturers guidelines will determine the frequency of the servicing. As a rough guide, most systems are serviced either annually or six-monthly.